An empty pool Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about An empty pool explained:

A dream about a swimming pool or any pool of water may be referring to the unconscious and/or your emotions may suggest that you are exploring your unconscious and trying to get to know, understand and appreciate yourself more.

May suggest something that is lacking or missing within yourself or some aspect of life.

To dream of seeing or standing by an empty bed is ominous of a death in the family or within your social circle. Your somber and calm demeanor as you stand by the bed in an empty room which looks eerily quiet suggests that the manner of death, although it would come to the family quite unexpectedly, may be due to natural causes, or something undetermined but not a homicide.

Seeing an empty box in a dream, for example when you are expecting to see a valuable item in the exchanged gift you received but instead an empty box stared back at you, could be symbolic of upcoming disappointments and regrets in life. You should learn to manage your emotions during these down moments to be able to cope gracefully and move on effortlessly. If you are a woman and you had this dream of an empty box, it could be referring to your sexual preference for big endowments in potential partners.

Having a dream in which you see or handle an empty jar symbolizes poverty and financial distress. This sign forewarns that you may need to take care of your current life situation to prevent financial hardships and other similarly negative events from taking place in your life.

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An empty pool

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