An empty wallet

An empty wallet Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest something that is lacking or missing within yourself or some aspect of life.

A wallet is very personal to someone it represents their finances and individuality.… If you see an empty wallet it means you need to find an aspect of yourself that you seem to be missing. Otherwise you are just going through money worries. If your wallet is stolen in your dream it represents that someone has taken something very close and personal to you. If you had your heart broken, it represents someone has stolen your heart or perhaps you are too naive and let others see what you are made of and use it to their advantage. If you lose your wallet out of sheer carelessness, it signifies that you do not pay much attention to how you spend your money. You are very loose with your expenses and not very responsible with your finances. On the other hand, if you know you are very careful with your expenses, losing your wallet represents your loss of identity. Whatever shaky experience you are facing, do not worry you would be stable once again, just don’t lose sight of your goals.

A bright red wallet is thought to be the manifestation of your subconscious desire and readiness for change. You have likely been waiting and biding your time, looking for an opportunity to break out of the current monotony that defines your life. However if you decide to pursue this change, you would probably see improvements in many sectors of your life, including health, relationships and finance, almost instantly.

To dream of seeing or standing by an empty bed is ominous of a death in the family or within your social circle. Your somber and calm demeanor as you stand by the bed in an empty room which looks eerily quiet suggests that the manner of death, although it would come to the family quite unexpectedly, may be due to natural causes, or something undetermined but not a homicide.

A wallet that has become ripped or torn, especially if it contained some money within it, is often thought to symbolize an upcoming situation where you would be duped into believing or buying something. The seller is likely to play on your fears or desires, offering something that appears too good to be true for such a reasonable price. However, this is probably a scam that would ultimately risk your physical health, mental sanity or pocketbook.

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