An unhappy child Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about An unhappy child explained:

Dreaming of seeing or taking care of an ailing child is an ominous sign. It portends that one of your close relatives could die in the near future. One may want to make peace with anyone close who is presently ill or injured.

Dreaming of encountering or attempting to take care of an unhappy child is an indication that your current behavior could be affecting your reputation. Your current actions could cause others to experience negative emotions which may cause them to think poorly of you. This can slowly ruin your image if it goes on for too long.

Dreaming about feeling unhappy or disappointed about work, as if work was some kind of a shackle which binds and forces you to do the same things over and over again every day of your drab, uneventful life, is a good indication of your willingness to embrace changes and new things coming your way. Perhaps upon realizing that your life would be getting nowhere if you chose to stay in your comfort zone and remained contented with what you currently have, this dream vision indicates that you would be ready to take risks and explore the unknown if that is what it takes to break free from the conundrums of life and to carve out a niche for yourself in a world where people are used to living under someone else's shadow.

Seeing or encountering a crying child in a dream is a warning that you may want to rethink your current actions towards the things which are important to you. This sign portends that these actions or intentions could result in a dangerous or hazardous situation or outcome in your future. If you receive this sign, it may be prudent to delay impactful decisions until you take stock of your actions.

Encountering or being around a playful or mischieveous child in a dream symbolizes that others in your real life may have a serious or impersonal businesslike attitude towards you. It may be in your best interest to determine whether these attitudes are for the best or whether they cut you off from developing personal relationships.

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