Attending a college

Attending a college Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Being in College may be a reference to your college days may represent a lesson to be learned or it may suggest you are experimenting or trying something new.

Dreaming about being in school which you have already attended in the past is symbolic of a little negativity in your life. It signifies that you might have to face certain issues and concerns. Additionally it is also indicative of some impediments or hurdles which you might have to confront or deal with.

Finding yourself inside your college building, perhaps attending classes or just roaming the halls, means something from your past would be dredged up and affect your present in a significant way. You could be blamed for actions in your past which put someone in danger or hurt them unbeknownst to you. This individual may confront you for damage you did not know you inflicted. This could either become a bigger deal than it originally was or it could also be a good opportunity to hash things out and tie loose ends once and for all.

Seeing a college, such as a university building or college compound with students milling around, means you are harboring growing concerns about your future. If you are already working, then envisioning your former college institution and college life also reveals a sense of nostalgia for the past which may be much more carefree and less complicated. In a way, you are looking back fondly on your youth because you know that you have to face real responsibilities and deal with the harsh realities of life. It could be your way of allowing yourself to be nostalgic one last time before embracing adulthood.

A dream in which you see yourself at a funeral of someone has positive connotations, and the presence of good vibes in your life somewhere in the near future. It signifies that there is a whole lot of good fortune and affluence in store for you. You might also be a recipient of a few material gifts. If it's a recurrent dream that you seem to perceive attending the funeral of a same person each time, this could signify that all your good fortune and prosperity could be coming from the help of a certain person who is close to you.

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