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Dreams about school are among the most common dream themes. If you are taking or trying to take a test in school also see the meaning of Exam dreams, which is another common dream theme.

Back to school again. These dreams are quite common even for people who haven’t been in class in over 20 years. Dreams about schools can be different depending on the situation and the mood of your dreams. Most of the time we are in class again and there is something troubling us. We are either trying to do a test or exam or something embarrassing just happened. Going to school at a young age was a very vulnerable time for us so the feelings you may experience in your life now can reflect on how you felt when you where in class. What was the situation like in your dream and how where you feeling. This will apply to what current situation is going on in your like right now.

Being in school may be bringing you back to a childhood memory that needs to be addressed. The grade you are in may indicate the time of life the dream is set in or the level of maturity you are at in the dream (for instance, you may be acting like you are in junior high school).

High school is a time where you learn a lot about yourself and go through puberty. Are you still in high school? If you are not and you dream of this time in your life, it denotes feelings and relationships that you had. On the other hand, the dream could be saying to wake up and smell the coffee, you are no longer in high school! If you are in high school and you are having dreams of repeating high school it appeals to your anxiety about not meeting expectations and doing well.

Dreaming about being in school which you have already attended in the past is symbolic of a little negativity in your life. It signifies that you might have to face certain issues and concerns. Additionally it is also indicative of some impediments or hurdles which you might have to confront or deal with.

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