Bandaged body

Bandaged body Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent self-esteem and/or insecurities.

Dreaming about seeing your own or someone else's body bandaged or tied up in ropes bears truly positive connotations. It suggests that the person in the dream would be blessed with longevity, good fortune, health and prosperity.

Dreaming about watching your own or someone else's wounded body could symbolize a pessimistic attitude. It is possible that you see yourself and others as physically flawed and imperfect. This judgement would not accurately translate the actual physical aspect of the world. That is, you tend to undervalue your own or others’ physical appearance. You could be seeing the worst in people first, whether or not that was a truthfull personal evaluation of yourself and others.

Dreaming about observing yourself sweat and your body becoming soaked in transpiration could reveal misfortune. You may be fighting against powerful, negative and prejudicial circumstances, people or forces. It would be very demanding and difficult to lead your life in the presence of such interferences.

Dreaming about someone else's body bears favorable connotations. You could currently or soon face a menacing and difficult situation. You would manage to escape, avoid or prevent the negative impact that such circumstance might have upon your life.

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