Beaten up and standing on knees

Beaten up and standing on knees Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Observing standing water in your dream, such as in a ditch or a pit, tells of being faced with unfavorable events. You might have to deal with scandals or unfortunate events in the future. It can also mean that you could have conflict either with people who are close to you or with someone you just met for the first time.

This recurring dream of your friend may be related to his anxieties about the future. For instance, black eyes and cut-off jaws suggest the absence of ambition or direction. Perhaps he is unsure about how to proceed with his personal journey or career. This lack of foresight and indecision may be empowering others to make the decisions for him. Your friend may be a bit lost but he still wants to retain control over his decisions and this is where his anxieties lie. As for the other symbols, a cave usually alludes to the subconscious or a place of refuge, while a coven can mean relationships or social connections, usually family or a circle of close friends. In the context of your friend's dream, he is likely yearning to assert himself yet afraid to disappoint or perhaps rebel against authority figures or family expectations. Your presence in his dream probably means that he feels you are in the same predicament.

Dreaming about standing by a coffin while being part of the funeral could represent positive vibes coming your way. It could signify triumphs and success in your achievements. It could also symbolize the profits which you will reap and longevity in life. If there are certain obstacles which you have been facing recently, this dream also signifies that those hindrances will absolve by themselves.

To be standing or otherwise present on an iceberg in a dream means you will eventually discover hidden qualities about yourself that will allow you to exhibit new talents and abilities.

Dreaming that you are standing on the edge of a cliff, with a dark and ominous sky overhead or jagged rocks below, means you could be delivering a speech or presentation to an important audience soon. It could be for work as part of your responsibilities or a social occasion like a wedding or a tribute to someone special. This dream means that you are probably stressing over this public speaking engagement so you would have to practice your speech beforehand to help you get over your nerves.

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