Standing on a balcony Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Standing on a balcony explained:

May symbolize a desire to be seen.

Being out on your balcony means that you need to be recognized or seen. Usually when your on a clean and rich balcony symbolizes that people admire you. If you notice that its in bad condition, means you need to do some maintenance on yourself. If your looking over the balcony means that you need to achieve the goal you want. Looking down off the balcony means your in more control of a situation that has caused you distress.

Observing standing water in your dream, such as in a ditch or a pit, tells of being faced with unfavorable events. You might have to deal with scandals or unfortunate events in the future. It can also mean that you could have conflict either with people who are close to you or with someone you just met for the first time.

Dreaming about standing on a lengthy or extended balcony could be taken as a negative sign. It indicates that you are the recipient of vacant promises and botched expectations. This would lead you to become despondent and would be a cause of regret and disadvantage for you.

Dreaming about climbing a balcony in order to break inside a house must be taken as a forewarning. It indicates that you might have to face some serious trials and challenges which might have a profound impact on your life and which must be dealt with accordingly.

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  10. A dead person standing - Dreaming of seeing a dead person standing right in front of you and not moving is a sign you may have to deal with a major issue or a problem for a while until a proper solution is found.... Learn More!

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