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To dream about Being blind and assisted explained:

May suggest a need to open your eyes and really see something going on in your waking life.

Becoming blind in the context of a dream vision is a highly negative symbol. It predicts numerous unfortunate circumstances coming about in your reality. It is sometimes associated with personal and financial loss, meaning your value would decrease and you would struggle to afford the quality of life you had before. You could also find yourself in a dangerous or risky situation, unable to protect yourself or get help. Another possible meaning for this symbol suggests you would behold a truly frightening or ghastly scene, causing you mental anguish and confusion.

Coming across or making the acquaintance of someone who is blind can have slightly different but similar interpretations in the dream world, depending on your circumstances. This symbol is often tied to the idea of loss or being deceived. In a sense, the blindness of this individual represents your own inability to see what is really going on. Alternatively, you could lose some valuable item you once treasured or an individual who meant so much to you in the past.

Envisioning a visually impaired person begging in a dream could portend losing something you consider very valuable or important. A particular item of special meaning or monetary worth may soon get lost or be stolen in reality. Alternatively, this symbol can be read in a more general sense to mean that you would soon be deceived, betrayed or swindled. This could lead to poverty or a slow decline in the value of your material possessions.

Being blind and leading someone else who is blind suggests you would soon be deceived or swindled in reality. Your gullibility would not only cause you much trouble but could also negatively affect someone close to you, like a dependent or a friend. Furthermore, if the individual you were leading was pointing towards someone or something in particular, it is possible they would be the main target. They could be in serious danger of harm or may die due to this unfortunate situation.

Seeing multiple blind people surrounding you in the realm of dreams is often interpreted as a sign of soon being asked for help in reality. A family member, friend or acquaintance may ask you to do something for them or request that you act in a certain way for their benefit. Alternatively, the presence of many people without sight could mean you would have a fight with someone close to you in reality, with the heat of your anger blinding you to the truth of your situation.

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Being blind and assisted

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