Being in a makeup competition and intimi Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Being in a makeup competition and intimi explained:

May represent your competitive nature.

May symbolize enhancing your self-image and self-confidence.

Hands in dreams symbolize relationships. Therefore, to see an ugly hand in a dream means there is a disruption in your current existence which could have negative repercussions for your social connections. Specifically, the makeup suggests you may be concealing or overcompensating for your shortcomings. Perhaps to hide your insecurities, you came up with a way to inflate your ego and exaggerate confidence. Unfortunately, this coping mechanism could make you appear aggressive, insensitive or even demanding towards friends, colleagues and your romantic partner. Maybe you are subconsciously aware that you are projecting your fears and frustrations onto your loved ones, which is why your hands appeared ugly. It may be in your best interest to confront and deal with your inner demons to avoid inadvertently hurting others.

Dreaming about taking part or competing in a running or a sports event can be taken as a sign that you are about to go on an expedition. It could also signify the journey which you will have to make either for business purposes or simply to satisfy your wanderlust.

If you are putting makeup on your face in a dream vision, it means you are probably ashamed about something. Makeup conceals imperfections and enhances beauty. As such, this act could reveal your fear of being criticized or ridiculed for your appearance or your actions. You could have committed bad decisions lately and you are afraid of being found out. Alternatively, maybe you are also not comfortable or confident enough in your own skin that you feel the need to hide your flaws and put on a facade for others. In some cases, this can also be interpreted as defiance. You are getting ready to face challenges or thwart your rivals, so you are putting on your best face, so to speak.

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