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A crashing plane in dreams, such as an airplane that is on fire and hurtling uncontrollably to the ground, is usually a reflection of your insecurities and fears. This is especially true if in this dream you are the pilot desperately trying to steer the airplane that is already out of control. In a way, you may be feeling the same panic and desperation as in the dream vision whenever you are tasked to lead an important project or event. A big part of your low self-esteem is your lack of belief in your qualifications. This attitude could be bringing you down.

Crashing an aircraft which you are flying, such as crash landing in the wilderness or on water, refers to your low self-esteem. This may become your personal crutch as you try and fail to successfully manage a team, complete a project or accomplish your goals. Your belief in your skills and capabilities would once again be tested by a new assignment. You could either improve your knowledge and adapt along the way or your insecurity could take over and sabotage your chances at success.

In dreams, being the pilot who narrowly avoids crashing a plane, for example missing a mid-air collision or steering the airplane away from crashing on tall structures or mountainous terrain, means struggling to realize your lofty dreams and ambitions. You have high standards and huge ambitions, yet you may not have the resources, experience or skills to quickly rise to your target stature in your field. As such, it would take a lot of unexpected turns and tremendous obstacles before you get to where you want to be.

Struggling to maneuver an aircraft and trying to avoid a crash reveals grand ambitions and big plans. Unfortunately, the difficulty of keeping the aircraft from crashing mirrors your real-world struggles in making your dreams materialize. There would be a lot of missed opportunities, failed attempts and unexpected turns which would test your grit and determination to succeed. If you were able to keep the aircraft from crashing, then you would be able to overcome all the trias. However, if it ended in a crash, then you are headed towards failure.

Witnessing or seeing an airplane crash without scenes of horrible catastrophic consequences in a dream conveys a favorable message. It means that you would be able to adequately execute your tasks or implement your plans without relying too much on the help of others. Convincing peers and colleagues to support your endeavors may just take up precious time and effort that you could otherwise use to polish your strategies. Even if the result is not altogether satisfactory, the calm sea suggests you would still land on you feet. The whole experience would in fact make you better and wiser.

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