Breaking a leg Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Breaking a leg explained:

May represent a miscommunication or disorganized thinking.

Whenever we break some object in our dream symbolizes change or broken dreams. To see broken glass like plates or glasses represents our values and pride. Who was in your dream when this was going on? This might help you break down what person is effecting you in your walking life. Kids toys broken suggests that you have destroyed your inner child. When we dream of a broken window doesn’t necessarily mean seven years of bad luck. It means that you are broken emotionally.

A dream in which your own leg is switched for a wooden limb, regardless of its complexity and quality, could foretell an upcoming situation in which your family and friends would start harboring doubts about the nobility of your intentions and your honesty in general. Most likely, this deteriorated attitude of the people you hold dear would be the result of your recent deeds and behavior, but not necessarily. Alternatively, a similar dream could be a predictor of approaching treachery and deceit coming from someone who would simulate acting for your good while, in reality, would just be fulfilling their personal ambitions.

If you happen to see a dream in which you lose or have already lost one of your legs, regardless of the circumstances leading to this event, know that this vision could be speaking that you would be deprived of half of your financial assets or other material property in the upcoming future. Most likely, this loss would happen due to some unexpected and hard-to-prevent circumstances. Moreover, if in your dream you have envisioned yourself losing both legs, be aware that this omen could be portending sudden bankruptcy, absolute impoverishment and all related hardships that may follow. The specific cause of such a scenario is impossible to predict, so it could be crucial to stay alert for any possible dangers.

When you dream of splitting up with your boyfriend or girlfriend represents your true inner feelings. If you are unable to come to terms with breaking up with your significant other you might have this dream. If you dream that your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you means you are not confident in your relationship. If you dream of breaking up and nothing is wrong in your relationship suggest that there are underlying problems that you need to address and not over look.

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Breaking a leg

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