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Dreaming of bathrooms, represents how we feel about ourselves inside and our instinctual urges. If you see a filthy bathroom, represents that you are behaving badly and need to correct it. You have to change your ways because people are noticing. You may want to look at ways you can clean up your act. If your bathroom so happens to be tidy and clean it symbolizes that you are classy person that is heading in the right path. You are very organized and don’t need any help from others. If you have trouble finding the bathroom it suggests that you building up your emotions and can’t release it. If you end up in the wrong washroom, signifies that you have went to far in a situation and it was noticed.If you are in the stall and people can see you represents your insecurities. We tend to get these dreams if we did something in the past we are not happy about, or we are just unhappy about who you are. When you are actually going to the washroom whether a #1 or #2 it symbolizes letting go of somebody that was causing unwanted stress in your life. This is a good dream symbol that let’s you know that you got rid of a bad situation. Basically you finally found a “release”.

Dreaming of a building symbolizes your life and your inner self. According to famous dream analysts Jung and Freud suggests the building is us and what is in and around gives us indications of what to look out for. What ever is in the building will help you understand your inner self. If you are at the top of the building suggests that you are at complete awareness in life. If you are located at the bottom represents your animistic behaviors. If you notice a building that is completely destroyed, suggests that your going across a matter in a wrong fashion. It’s possible that you have taken a hit from others in your walking life.

Having a dream concerning a dirty bathroom, whether you are in it or just see it in passing, indicates possibly being burdened with caring for a sick, disabled or elderly person and experiencing feelings of revulsion or annoyance at being required to do so. Just as a dirty bathroom must be cleaned for health and sanitation reasons, so does this dream point to having to do something disagreeable for the sake of others. This situation may be the result of karma if you have been prideful, narcissistic or selfish in the past.

Dreaming about using the bathroom, whether it is in your own home or a friend's house, means having to change or let go of your initial beliefs or way of thinking. Admitting your prior thoughts may have been filled with misconceptions is hard, and shifting your attitudes and accepted truths can be uncomfortable, especially if you are surrounded by people who stand by their original notions without question. However, the emotional and spiritual growth you experience through your journey is likely to bring forth new opportunities you could not have imagined or accessed before.

Envisioning yourself in a public bathroom, such as one at a shopping center, sporting event or public building, represents sharing core beliefs with others despite feelings of being alone. Just as public restrooms are open for general use, so does this dream represent others sharing your thoughts and opinions, particularly conservative ones. You may have some hesitation to state your views for fear of sounding stereotypical and receiving liberal backlash. However, this dream can be interpreted as a sign that you are not alone in your ideas and concerns, and you may find others who agree with you if you branch out from your normal environment.

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