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Dreaming about owning a business could be a reflection of your current preoccupation with success. You could currently be involved in and worried about the success, accomplishment or completion of some project, plan or activity. This endeavor would bear some transactional, economic or exchange character to it. You are most likely wanting to find permanent solutions. This dream could also predict your ability to remain diligent, focused and dedicated to your occupations. This would be the basis and possible cause of your upcoming success.

Having a dream in which you are in charge of or involved with a large, industrial business, particularly something to do with machinery, is strongly linked to physical tasks and labor. In particular, this vision suggests you are soon about to enter a period of time in which your physical limits are to be tested, including strength, speed and endurance. You may want to invest in your health and fitness in order to meet these upcoming challenges.

May represent your work or a work-related issue or relationship.

Being in a dream where you do not have a business, either because it was lost or it never existed, and, as a result, are bored or unemployed, suggests you are currently bored and not challenged by your daily life. This vision also has the interpretation of longing for adventure and major changes to take place. Not having a business or company may mean you want or are planning to break out of the mold and do something really different with your life, possibly letting go of old ties and routines that did not make you happy in the first place.

Opening up a new business and becoming an entrepreneur in a dream vision is a highly optimistic sign associated with achieving success in the near future. Specifically, this vision predicts becoming suddenly inspired and motivated to begin a project or finish something you are working on, leading the way to notoriety in the office and possibly promotion or other career opportunities. Beginning a new business endeavor can also be interpreted as a sign that you are being watched over by someone of high status and influence. Your protection by this person may be beneficial should you face any challenges or difficulties on your path.

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