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To dream about Cards explained:

What are you’re cards? What do the cards mean to you? The cards could symbolize aspects or characteristics about yourself. Could the cards be how you play in life? Let us know and tell us you’re dream at our forum above.

Dreaming of tarot cards symbolizes you are inclined to reach a higher understanding of your mystical self. You are ready to venture into your unconscious mind. On the other hand, you may have already been to a tarot reading and your mind is using these symbols to indicate a message to you. Pay attention to what the tarot cards reveal. Some symbols include: The Wands, which signify the Psyche, The suit of the Swords symbolizes conquering something or the strength to do so, The Cups which represent your emotions and your approach toward life and The Pentacles stand for your connection with society and the environment.

May represent game-playing.

Remembering details from a dream about tarot cards usually portends soon having an unpleasant meeting or dealing with individuals who would irritate, disappoint or create a nuisance for you. The vision of buying these cards in the dream is probably telling you to carefully consider your options or avoid direct contact with people whom you soon may be crossing your path with.

Being on a ship during the course of a dream vision, especially for some sort of travel, could represent standing on the precipice of major change. You probably already know it is coming, as the idea of this vacation being related to school could indicate the presence of stress or apprehension. Your difficulty with the test symbolically shows your excitement or optimism about the possibilities this change holds, but feeling uncomfortable around strangers suggests you may not feel ready, in some way, to handle a big shift. It seems that this dream is the manifestation of your conflicting feelings and should be considered a sign to sit down and think carefully about what you want for the future.

Winning money by buying scratch cards alludes to your tendency to put too much trust on fate and chance instead of working hard for your goals. On the other hand, this vision may just be a projection of your inner desires to lead a more comfortable life. Perhaps the constant struggle of making ends meet on a daily basis had been wearing your down, hence your mind is conjuring up possibilities and scenarios wherein you acquire a lot of wealth.

The image of a deck of cards in your dream represents important milestones or major life decisions you would have to make throughout the course of your life. Overtime each moment would stack up to reveal what you have accomplished in your lifetime. What you did with the deck of cards, as well as the types of cards present, would give you further clues about what your priorities are and whether your journey would be smooth or tumultuous. In that context, the message about your afterlife is probably your subconscious reminding you to make the most of your existence because at the end of it all, that is when you would feel either fulfilled and happy or filled with regret about missed opportunities.

Celebrities, the people whom we all admire, often end up in dreams as a sign of our need for recognition and approval. Asking an autograph from a celebrity suggests you may be doubting your competence in handling everyday responsibilities or the tasks that were recently assigned to you. Nevertheless, you may well be called upon to take on a challenge which makes you question your capabilities. This fear of handling things you cannot manage may have led you to the decision to delegate some or all of these tasks to others. But it seems that your performance is suffering no matter which path you have chosen to follow.


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