Choking and no one helping

Choking and no one helping Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest having trouble swallowing some advice or comments from others.

These dreams symbols imply some sort of smothering in you’re life right now. Who is choking you in the dream? The person who is choking you might be a hint you need to move away from that person, they could be taking away your air. If you are choking somebody then you have anger towards that person you are unable to express in your walking life. If you are choking on something than the problem might be focus internally. What are you doing that is causing you to suffer in life?

Dreaming that you have the use of one eye implies that you views and the way you handle things are very one sided. You tend to see things in only one aspect and not examine different views.

Envisioning a man with only a single eye is often considered an ominous portent. It predicts going though an extremely challenging period of time which tests your resolve and requires a lot of time and energy to sort out. You are likely to feel drained and exhausted if and when you are able to get through this trial.

Dreaming about yourself helping your friend when he or she needs you to means that you will get all kinds of help and support from people who are close to you when you need their help and advice.

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