Church singing

Church singing Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Are you questioning you’re existence in life? Do you feel like you a have sinned and need to confess. According to Freud he said it symbolizes a woman. It could be very possible that you are having a stronger connection to the “Self” or “God”. Have you neglected the spiritual side of yourself and now trying to connect to it? Depending the type of church or religion could alter the meaning of the dream.

Hearing someone singing in a gruff or brusque manner in the dream world alludes to a bumpy road ahead. The quality of the singing in your dream vision represents your way of coping with the rough and difficult period you are about to face. This coping mechanism may involve hedonistic pursuits such as spending indiscriminately or developing vices. The root of this self-destructive activities could be familial troubles, personal failures or insurmountable losses.

Seeing angels singing to you in your dreams is a positive sign of upcoming enjoyment and a peaceful existence. It can also mean you are about to become the recipient of a large inheritance from an unanticipated source.

The sound of a male singing in a dream reflects your own trepidations in the waking world. The masculine quality of the harmony speaks of your tendency to wallow in negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, whenever you are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. You may need to be more optimistic when times get tough.

Singing or hearing a gentle song being sung in the dream world warns you about upcoming failures or frustrations in reality. The sound of a lullaby, for example, serves to soothe and comfort you while facing possible disappointments that could come your way. On the other hand, if the voice seemed familiar, then the gentle song hints at significant news and pronouncements you would soon receive. The nature of the news may come as a relief to you, possibly because it would provide clarity to an issue that has been going on for a while.

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