Dreaming with Accident

Dreaming with Accident Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of an Accident in your dream is quite an important dream symbol. You must pay very close attention to this and remember as much as possible. Usually when we dream about accidents we are involved in it. Being in an accident means you have lots of pent up anger over an on going issue that you haven’t resolved in your life. You may need to take time and analyze the on going problem in your life because its affect your ability to move. Its possible that you have made a big mistake in your past that your still reliving. If that is true you have to come to terms with what happened.

Dreaming of car accidents are horrible and have us shaken up in the morning. Dreaming of a car in our dream represents our drive and ambition in our life’s. Once we get in a car accident in our dreams symbolize our stress and anxiety levels. You are having trouble dealing with your problems in your walking life, so dreams of this nature help you sort things out unconsciously. If you came out of the accident with out trouble it represents that you will be fine getting over the hump.

A dream wherein an accident occurs nearby suggests a dilemma or a complicated situation you need to resolve in reality. The complication may stem from the fact that the person involved is a close friend or someone you trust. As such, shady deals, betrayals or fraud connected to this person may make it more difficult for you to take action. More than the act of betrayal, you may be more concerned about the motivations behind the action and what would drive a friend to turn his or her back on you.

A dream about accidents that happen on water, like a shipwreck or drowning incidents, often pertain to great disappointments in reality especially concerning the romantic aspect of your life. You may find out something new about your partner which would negatively impact your relationship. On the other hand, if the accident happened on land, then this is associated with bad luck for your career prospects. You could experience disappointments and failures at work or whatever project you may be working on.

Causing an accident in a dream could be a subconscious message telling you to be more conscientious about your life. You may constantly be getting into trouble or missing your targets because of a failure to plan or careless decision-making. So instead of allowing things to happen and merely to the consequences, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as well as focus on your priorities so you can forge a stable and secure future for yourself.

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