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Seeing a grey beard in a dream, such that when you see a man reading a newspaper sporting a grey, long beard while you are eating in a restaurant with friends, could be associated to upcoming conflicts and struggles with those around you in reality. These could potentially result in unwanted misfortunes and losses that might hurt your businesses, finances and relationships in the process. It would be best to keep your activities and networks in order to prevent such conflicts from actually manifesting and possibly ruining your good standing.

Dreaming that you have a red beard, for instance when you see yourself attending a costume event and you are wearing a bright red beard prosthetic while milling along a crowd wearing elaborate masks, could be symbolic of malicious plans or plots coming from your supposedly closest friends or people you trusted immensely in real life. The dream could be warning about and preparing you for a pending betrayal at the subconscious level. Be watchful of your relationships and you should be able to tell which ones would remain by your side or turn away from you.

To dream of a black beard, for example when you see an obscure or mysterious man having this midnight black beard while walking down an unknown pathway or alley, could be an indication or validation of your excellent overall health in reality. This could mean that you could be in greater physical shape than before and may be projecting mental and emotional well-being to those who know you. You should ensure to maintain this positive state so that you may be able to tackle anything that you encounter in life later on. As the old adage says, health is wealth.

Dreaming of a curly beard, such that when you go and watch a play with your friends and see a theater actor wearing a curly beard for a wig while acting on stage, could indicate upcoming conflicts or disagreements with your relatives or extended family members. The vision could be telling you that this could cause a considerable strain in your close relationships and should be prevented as much as possible. You may watch for any signs in real life that could lead to these misunderstandings and see to it that they do not happen or are resolved immediately.

To dream of seeing a beard, for instance when you encounter a serious-looking and heavily-bearded man walking past you while crossing a crowded street, could symbolize your future interaction with a person who is a total opposite of you as an individual. This may cause a clash of wills and personalities in dealing with each other. You may perhaps be contesting your authority or dominance over the other person that you could eventually lose at the end. You could try to be a little more diplomatic and collaborative instead to create a win-win situation.

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