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Owning or caring for exotic pets in the dream world, such as tigers or monkeys, suggests your worries and fears are compounding in reality. The concern you feel over a certain subject or stressful task is likely eating at you, making it difficult to focus on even the most basic of everyday activities. The reason this is causing you so much turmoil is because it is so important to you. Therefore, it would be wise to find a solution to your troubles or go all in to take care of things before it is too late.

Finding yourself at an exotic market, for example in a southern country or in a tropical region is a sign of becoming bored or dissatisfied with your current living conditions, even though they may be favorable or exciting to some extent.

Dreaming of an exotic island tells you that you should not take too much responsibility or undertake too many projects all at once. Your skills and abilities may be able to handle the challenges, but you may spread yourself too thin in the process and under-perform. Just take on what you can handle well.

Having a dream about some exotic animals you are looking at or encountering means that your most secret desires and wants will never come true.

The appearance of rare and exotic feathered creatures signifies a call for you to realize your excessive focus over the past. After experiencing this dream, start to focus and maximize the most out of the present time. Obssesing over something that has happened before might lead to adverse circumstances that may negatively affect your current disposition in life.

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