Dreaming with hugging

Dreaming with hugging Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Someones in need of some TLC! If you are hugging someone then you are a loving person, if you are reaching out for a hug then you need some tender loving care. Then again it could just be symbolic of the closeness you feel with someone.

Giving a hug to your wife or pulling her into a loving embrace in a dream is often interpreted as a sign that you are soon to hear from an important person located far away from you. This means you may receive an email or phone call from a person you were once quite close to, both physically and emotionally, letting you know they plan to return, at least for a short period of time. Dreaming about your arms being around your wife also predicts good outcomes for new products you have designed or success after the launch of a new business.

Dreaming about giving a stranger a hug is a symbolic image of a sweet reunion. A very close friend or someone you used to know would give you a surprise visit and make up for lost years. You would be filled with so much joy during your time together that you would wish your friend would be here to stay.

A dream in which you envision yourself hugging your son, regardless of who was the initiator of this embrace, is usually considered to be an exceptionally favorable sign. It foretells upcoming success and good fortune both for yourself and for those people whom you hold dear. This prosperity and general improvements would most likely be related to all aspects of your waking life, but it is hard to predict how durable and consistent they would be in the long run. Nevertheless, it is clear that this approaching period would be marked by a plethora of positive vibes between you and your loved ones.

Seeing yourself hug Jesus in a dream vision, particularly if you felt inner peace after the encounter, is symbolic of currently fighting temptation in your life. There may recently have been a series of opportunities in which you could give in and do something morally questionable. However, this sign is meant to be encouraging, showing you that you have the power to overcome these demons. It may also represent a subconscious desire to return to religion (if you have left) or to devote more of your energy to self-reflection and penance.

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