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To dream about Dreaming with lap explained:

Dreaming of your own lap indicates a chance for you to excel. It could also refer to being too lazy to complete day to day tasks and communicate with others. If you see or sit on someone else lap it could signify you are lonely and need someone to help hold you up and keep you safe. If someone is sitting on your lap it represents your ability to care for others.

May symbolize nurturing.

May represent a repressed sexual desire.

Giving a lap dance in your dream denotes that you feel like you are unable to express… your sexual wishes. On the other hand, receiving a lap dance or seeing one being performed suggests that you need to spice up your sex life. You want more excitement in intimacy.

Dreaming of gently stroking the fur of a cat in your lap while it is sleeping or playing with you is a sign of inappropriateness. It means you are about to partake in indecent or questionable acts that promise to offer you opportunities for some sort of incentive.

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Dreaming with lap

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