Dreaming with nest

Dreaming with nest Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Seeing a nest in your dream symbolizes your home, shelter and relaxation. Relate the state of the nest to how you feel at home.If the nest if full of eggs, then it represents your finances. However, if the eggs are not good or cracked then it signifies discontent and regret due to being unsuccessful at something.

May symbolize a desire or need for comfort and nurturing.

A vision of finding fledglings or eggs inside a bird's nest is an indication of a surprise that could pleasantly surprise you. After having this dream, you are likely to receive an announcement or a news that will thrill you and make you happy.

The image of a large nest of wasps in the dream world, especially if it was particularly close to you, could predict great unhappiness, frustration or disappointment in the upcoming days and weeks. This symbol often represents the idea that someone or something would let you down or cause you internal turmoil. If you accidently came across or disturbed a wasp nest during the course of a vision, it is possible your work environment is not ideal for advancing either your career or personal goals. Specifically, this image implies supervisors, co-workers and even underlings may be interfering with your work or otherwise trying to impede your progress.

Seeing a snake's nest in your dream is a vision that someone undesirable or unlikable will enter your life. This person will cause you a lot of trouble, disrupting your current life in the process, but it can be challenging for you to remove him or her away from you. This can also mean that you could be facing some misunderstandings among your family members.

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