Earthquake Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Any dream to do with an earthquake suggests that there will be a major change for good or bad in your walking life. This is a dream that you should pay close attention to and if you handle the earthquake in a good way it means you are going to overcome the obstacle. Being injured in the earthquake symbolizes that you would be shaken up in your life. The location and people in your dream would represent who would be affected by the changes in your life.

Witnessing an earthquake in your dream predicts being exposed to, tested by and endure some major cataclysms or catastrophes. Seeing or feeling an earthquake in progress cautions you to be courageous and prepared in the face of bad fate or misfortune.

May suggest a fear that your world, as you know it, is on shaky ground.

The multiple earthquakes suggest a barrage of changes that could potentially threaten the balance and stability of your life. They symbolize an upcoming rocky period in which you are likely going to adapt to a new environment or you would find yourself not fully prepared or equipped to handle the challenges because of the novelty of it all. The house may be a representation of your family or your own state of mind. Since your friends and family are safe on the beach, it is possible that what is happening to the house is a reference to your personal fears and insecurities during this period of transition. Maybe you are entering a new phase in your career or moving into a new neighborhood far from your friends and family. In addition, seeing the house sliding slowly into the ocean means you may not feel everything all at once and maybe the psychological or emotional impact of all the changes would start to affect you over time. The phone and the kitten are subtle references to being more open-minded and independent. Maybe both those attributes would become necessary as you go through this tumultuous time.

Becoming affected by an earthquake in your dream indicates a possibility of becoming a victim of natural disasters in real life.

Top Most Related Dreams to Earthquake

The Following Dreams Seem To Be Related To Your Dream

  1. An earthquake with ash and smoke - Being in the middle of an earthquake followed by a release of ash and smoke covering the sky and the sun is a sign of severe social conflicts, ethnic strife and wars that will take place close to you ... Learn More!
  2. Seeing or feeling an earthquake - Having a dream about seeing or feeling trembles of an earthquake signifies failures in business or romantic life (quarrels, divorce for example) you may soon experience. Wars, ethnic conflicts or natu... Learn More!
  3. Hum and roar from an earthquake - Hearing hum and roar noises when an earthquake takes place indicates possible betrayal coming from your relatives relatives or close family members.... Learn More!
  4. Watching people escape an earthquake - Watching people who are trying to escape danger and destruction during an earthquake signifies that your relatives or close family members are in a dire need of immediate help from you.... Learn More!
  5. News of an earthquake happened somewhere - Hearing the news about an earthquake that happened somewhere from people you know or your relatives in your dream indicates pleasant and enjoyable trip you are about to take soon.... Learn More!
  6. Watching an earthquake from a safe place - Witnessing an earthquake in progress while being in a safe place or from a great distance in your dream indicates getting some news you want to receive not on time or delayed in time.... Learn More!
  7. Being in your office during earthquake - Having a dream about being in your office while earthquake is happening indicates future events that may bring a lot of empty hassles or senseless things into your life.... Learn More!
  8. Rescuing another person during earthquake - Dreaming of yourself rescuing another person during an earthquake signifies that you will soon need to become a part in solving your friend's problems or to come to their help when they call for help.... Learn More!
  9. Rushing in search of a safe place during earthquake - Finding yourself rushing and looking for a safe place during an earthquake in your dream signifies that you are too spontaneous and unsettled in decision-making, which prevents you from careful planni... Learn More!
  10. Losing family in an earthquake but finding them later - Dreaming of an earthquake typically suggests looming failures. Based on the scenario that played out in your dream, the problems may occur within the family. Arguments may ensue causing a rift in your... Learn More!

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