Fixing a tower bell dividing the land up Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Fixing a tower bell dividing the land up explained:

Dreaming of land symbolizes that you should be secured and cool about life situations. The dream could also be a pun on “landing” something like a promotion or good grade.

To dream of this means that you are putting it to play in your waking life. A relationship or something at work need some putting back into the right path for it to function like it used to.

May symbolize a warning or wake up call -- something needing immediate attention.

Seeing a land mine in your dream suggests being under some stressful situation which is causing your emotions to boil up. If the land mine blows up then it means your tension is going to get out of control so you should try and deal with the problem.

Envisioning a clock tower or a tower clock, such as the Big Ben, often points to the arrival of a much-anticipated piece of news. More ofthen than not, this information is usually positive in nature. For example, a friend who has moved to another country may be coming to visit you. It is also possible that you would finally get an approval on a project you have been pitching for the longest time. Whatever it is that you have looking forward to, this dream vision suggests its imminent fulfillment.

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Fixing a tower bell dividing the land up

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