barren land

barren land Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of land symbolizes that you should be secured and cool about life situations. The dream could also be a pun on “landing” something like a promotion or good grade.

Seeing a land mine in your dream suggests being under some stressful situation which is causing your emotions to boil up. If the land mine blows up then it means your tension is going to get out of control so you should try and deal with the problem.

May symbolize being unable to give birth.

Dreaming about swimming on dry land, that is, in the absence of water, is a negatively charged sign. Namely, your current task, project or business could only be successfully completed at a great cost. You would have to invest an outstanding amount of time, effort and dedication to see it come to a good end.

Seeing a rocky and barren island in your dream is a reminder that you are getting addicted to alcohol and are being overpowered by this addiction. Listen to this warning because if you do not stop yourself in time, your life may be ruined and you may lose a lot of the material possessions you have worked so hard for.

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