Nightmare Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Nightmare explained:

Dreaming in another dream could be very confusing and flustering. Having a nightmare in a dream is even worse. What exactly was the nightmare? You may need to take the bad and turn it into good in your life, turn your nightmares into dreams.

May symbolize feeling anxiety, distress, or fear.

Having a nightmare with the Moon hovering over the horrific scene and adding to the frightening details, such as falling victim to a serial killer in a deserted place with only the Moon and the eerie surroundings as the silent witnesses to the crime, is an ominous sign indicating a painful separation in waking life. It could pertain to a divorce, a falling out with a loved one, a legal decision over child custody or a death in the family. If the Moon in the same dream morphed into something else and began to talk to you and console you in your state of horror, it indicates that despite the sufferings you would endure as a result of the separation, you would overcome these difficulties and be able to get on with your life with the help of your family and friends.

Nightmare scenarios, such as your dream, typically stem out of anxieties you could be experiencing in the waking world. The burnt doctor in your vision represents your destructive habits and harmful activities. You could be engaging in vices and activities which are harming your health and well-being. Doctors symbolize healing, so the doctor's deformed appearance in your dream vision alludes to the opposite of wellness. Are you starving yourself or working out to the point of self-destruction? These are things you need to consider to start the process of recovery. Closing eyes alludes to your power to change your present situation. You always have a second choice.


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