Stork attacking you Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Stork attacking you explained:

Stroking a black stork in your dreams and running your fingers through its feathers is an omen that you might soon find yourself being involved in situations where hurtful or unfavorable things seem to just happen.

A dream that you are attacking someone symbolizes being faced with a heavy amount of work. You will soon be given a big workload whether at work, in school or elsewhere and you will be expected to do it well, so it is time to focus and pull your resources if you want to succeed.

Seeing a flying stork is just a sign that you will be very preoccupied with the formalities of planning for an exciting engagement because it will represent a very important transition in your life that is being shared with your lover.

If you see a stork fledgling while dreaming, then it is probable that you will start experiencing a cycle of peace and prosperity in both your personal and professional life.

To dream of seeing a stork flying away from you is an omen that you will not capitalize on an opportunity that would normally be to your advantage or you will miss out on using something that will help give you an advantage in life.

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