Flies as bugs Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Flies as bugs explained:

Bugs in a dream can mean many different things depending upon the type of bugs, where they are and any personal associations to the bugs.

Flies are representative of grime and nasty things. A fly could also represent someone or some situation that is annoying you. If you dream of having flies in your house then things have gotten bad at home. You’ve been ignorant of your responsibilities at home and now things are uncontrollable. If flies are in your food then you are not paying attention to your health. If flies are following you everywhere you go no matter how many times you try hitting them with your hand it means you have made a bad name for yourself because of immoral decisions you made. If you want to cleanup your act then you may have a dream about killing or exterminating flies.

Dreaming of many flies, such as a swarm of flies circling garbage, could be an indication of your tendency to misjudge others. In particular, while you may like surrounding yourself with friends, you fail to realize that some of the friends you keep may not be as sincere or trustworthy as they appear to be. As such, this dream vision is likely your mind's way of telling you not to be too trusting because there is a chance that you may figure in malicious gossips being spread by backstabbing friends who could be acting out of envy.

Seeing or interacting with bugs that live near or around water is a happy symbol which is often associated with the receiving of good news or going through a wonderful period of time in your life. Water-related bugs predict happiness and joy, and they are an especially welcome sign after going through some challenges or difficulties.

Envisioning bugs that fly, buzz, or flutter about is an ill omen predicting a dire financial situation in the future. The severity of these monetary troubles may cause bankruptcy and make it difficult to provide even for the most basic needs for you and your family. This is most likely tied to your work or career, suggesting you should be on the lookout for any signs of approaching trouble. Making a contingency plan may also be a good idea.

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Flies as bugs

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