Flirting with the boss Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Flirting with the boss explained:

Since we spend 40 or more hours a week at our jobs, it shouldn’t be surprising to dream of work, your boss and/or your coworkers.

Are you lacking love or closeness in your life? A dream about someone flirting with you or flirting with someone means you want a relationship or you have some sexual tension. If you are flirting with someone you actually are attracting to and ashamed to communicate with them, you are practicing in your dream so that when you finally build up the confidence you would actually flirt with them when you are conscious. When you flirt with someone who you do not necessarily know you just want to build a relationship which may be friendly or professional.

Seeing yourself as the boss, or in a leadership role in the dream world, reveals your ambitious nature. You are not content in your present status and are currently working on getting a promotion or making a career move to elevate your position. This dream is a projection of your desired destination and to achieve this you may need to put more time and effort into hitting those goals and aspirations in reality. Additionally, you could be stressing over some loose ends and unresolved issues which are preventing you from focusing on your plans for the future. Those are obstacles you would need to address before moving on to the next step on the corporate ladder.

A dream in which you see a man flirting with you or trying to make an eye contact to get some attention from you must be considered a forewarning. Its a sign that you might be disregarding something of great importance, perhaps an obligation which needs to be fulfilled. Additionally, it could be some business which you might have left unattended or overlooked.

In general, a dream about your boss reveals your issues or grudges about your current work. You could be projecting your dissatisfaction and discontent towards your boss because he or she is the one in charge of your daily tasks and responsibilities. You could be handling too much workload or assigned to a project you do not like and your subconscious is blaming your frustration towards management, specifically your boss. Perhaps you are also intimidated by his or her type of leadership. You may need to revisit your relationship with this person to find out the deeper issues you may need to address.

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Flirting with the boss

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