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Becoming lost during the course of a dream vision, as a general symbol, literally refers to a lack of direction in reality. This could be due to a specific project or responsibility you are falling behind on or a broad disregard for future thinking. While you may not see any negative repercussions at present, you may find yourself suffering because of this later on in life.

A dream which shows you taking off your clothes in front of others indicates that you shouldn't play with others feelings and must respect their privacy. These people might have helped you financially and deserve your reverence and respect and not your ill will.

A dream wherein you get killed, whether it is by someone you know in reality, a masked figure or a murderous thief with a knife or a gun as a weapon, reveals the extent and lengths your enemies would go just to take you down and destroy your life. There may be a specific rival who despises you to the point of sabotaging your career or ruining your relationships, perhaps as a revenge. As such, this imagery serves as a strong warning to make you more vigilant about malicious people within your social circle.

This dream reflects your concerns and worries about your son’s well being and future. You might have been questioning his behavior and reluctant to accept his friends or disapprove his choices in romantic affairs. This is only an indication of how much you love and care for him.

Dreaming about getting on a boat either with your friends or alone, with the intention of sailing somewhere, could symbolize successful problem resolution. You would have and show the ability and strength to endure and deal with anything that came your way. You would find solutions for and resolve any emerging problems and difficulties.

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