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To dream about Getting on a boat explained:

Being on a boat in water represents a part of your emotions that you are over looking. Depending if the water is rough, clear or dirty it will help you understand how you feel about your emotions. It’s quite possible that you are trying to get in deeper with your unconscious mind to find hidden aspects of yourself. If you are on a boat and it is sinking in the water suggest that you are letting your emotions get the better of you. If you escape the boat safely means that you will find a way out of a tough situation. If you crash a boat implies that you are going to fast and rushing a current relationship. Slow down and take life easy.

Dreaming about seeing an empty boat, especially from a distance, could contain a gloomy omen. You or someone close to you could fall ill. This disease would be a serious clinical health condition. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from. It could even lead to death.

Dreaming about observing or being onboard of a rescue boat is symbolic of your resourcefulness. You could suddenly come across a difficult, feared or threatening situation. It could involve being the target of other people’s lack of respect, hate or hostility. The dream suggests that you would find a clever and sensible solution to your predicament.

Becoming lost during the course of a dream vision, as a general symbol, literally refers to a lack of direction in reality. This could be due to a specific project or responsibility you are falling behind on or a broad disregard for future thinking. While you may not see any negative repercussions at present, you may find yourself suffering because of this later on in life.

Dreaming about observing or spotting a boat on the surface of the water could be a positive symbol. It could reveal the beginning of a new relationship. This would be a relationship with romantic and intimate emotions. This relationship might involve dating. In this case, it would evolve slowly and progressively. It could also have a quicker progression, and start as a sexual affair.

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