Ghost monkeys needing water

Ghost monkeys needing water Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreams of this sort symbolize something or someone that resurfaced or was born again after they were considered dead. It could be deceased person or just a thought you buried. If you communicate with a ghost in your dream and are not intimidated by it, this could be a very powerful symbol. It could mean someone has come from the spirit world to give you a message or warn you about something. On the other hand it could just mean that you are missing some quality or aspect of someone that died and was close with you. If you know for sure it is someone you knew then you may be trying to make resolution with something that was done when they were alive. Alternatively is could mean that the person just wants to tell you something that they never got to say before they died. Otherwise if you feel afraid when the ghost is present then you regret whatever you did in the past and it is coming back to haunt you. Your unconscious is trying to help you get rid of the guiltiness that has been lingering in your memory. If you dream of someone who is still alive as a ghost then someone is attracted to you and you feel uneasy about it. They haven’t told you about but your unconscious is picking up on it. If you dream of a young ghost then you should pay close attention to its attitude and what is going it. You may be feeling a bit old and wishing you could go back in time. It could also just be you are reminiscing when you were younger in your waking life.

Water is one of the most common dream symbols and is usually associated with the emotions and the unconscious. Large bodies of water (ocean, lake, pool) usually represent the unconscious itself.

Water is said to do with our emotional level.

A dream where you wander through a town with no one in sight is a common one. First you need to analyze your surrounding and see if you have any memories there or it serves any purpose of your past. If so then you need stop living in those days and move on. If not it could just mean that you feel lonely and you find yourself trying to get away from people.

Dreaming about a dark or a black ghost is a sign of bad tidings. It might be an indication of ill luck coming your way either in the form of great loss, prolonged sickness or certain unavoidable hardships. Such a dream should be taken as a warning and you must prepare yourself to face all these troubles.

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