Girlfriend cheating with a gangster

Girlfriend cheating with a gangster Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a cheating partner are among the most common dreams reported. These dreams are often so emotionally disturbing that it’s not unusual to accuse your partner of cheating when you wake up. In reality, cheating dreams are often related to your own low self-esteem or guilty conscience.

When we cheat in our dreams it has everything to do with guilt we hold in our walking life. When you dream of cheating on your spouse it suggests that its on your mind but will never do it. It’s possible that you haven’t been completely honest with you spouse and this is a way of your unconscious mind letting you know you feel bad about it. If you dream that your spouse is the one doing the cheating it represents your own insecurities about your relationship. It’s possible that your unconscious is hinting at signs that your spouse is not being 100% faithful in your relationship. Cheating dreams can sometimes imply that you have a boring sex life. You might what to try and spice things up a bit to make it more interesting!

Dreaming that your husband or spouse is cheating on you, especially when you catch them in the act, is usually your subconscious criticizing you for being too trusting and even gullible in reality. This infidelity also shows your tendency to ignore warning signs or someone's suspicious behavior which may actually place you on the losing end in a situation. These flaws and omissions could make you an easy target for people who are comfortable in conning innocent individuals for their own gain.

Cheating dreams are usually not what they are made out to be. Most of the time when we dream of our spouse cheating it means something else. Dreams of this nature point to connections with the person, the anima and animas, confidence and insecurity. For a more in depth analysis to understand your cheating dream better.…

To dream about seeing or being with your girlfriend does not speak highly of your real-life interpersonal relationships. You would often find yourself in argument or disagreement with people who are close to you, and the growing tension could create a gap which, if left unexamined, would eventually force you or your loved ones to break away for everybody's sanity and peace of mind. This could mean losing them altogether.

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