Gloves Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Gloves explained:

When you dream of gloves you need to look at the context of the dream and how you use it. If you are wearing the gloves then you are protecting yourself in a situation. You know how to manage the problems in your life and you have a good hold on the things going on. It represents control therefore taking them off would indicate lack of it in your life. If you take off your gloves and hand them over to someone else this suggests you value the person and their thoughts. On the other hand, if you throw the gloves on the floor after taking them off then you are frustrated with something and you are giving up.

May symbolize how you handle something.

Dreams about losing hand-covering clothing, such as gloves and mittens, are negative symbols seen as a means of warning the dreamer that some financial difficulties are possibly on the horizon. This may include having difficulty purchasing things that you normally want or sudden, unexpected expenses, but it might equally point toward the loss of a job or complete bankruptcy. Accordingly, you may begin working harder or being more conscious of your spending to offset any ill effects caused by this situation. In addition, dreaming about the loss of your gloves may also reflect an aspect of your personality which rubs people the wrong way, such as selfishness or lewd behavior. This may be especially detrimental to relationships where the other person has been particularly helpful or generous with you in the past.

Dreams about buying gloves, whether they are new or slightly worn, are symbolic of your frugal nature regarding money. Saving money or being strict with your budget are positive indications, especially when considering things you want versus things you need. However, this dream also predicts some instance in the near future where, despite your most prudent planning, you may need to spend extra money or go over your budget. This could be an unavoidable car repair, needing to buy a gift and a new outfit for a wedding, or simply replace a household appliance that suddenly gave out. If you stick to your money-savvy ways though, this small setback will not affect you in the long run.

Seeing spiked gloves in a dream vision, be they on your hands or on the hands of another person, is a positive sign indicating improvements in your life, particularly in the workplace. Most often this symbol is associated with promotion, but could also mean a raise or wide recognition of your skills or performance leading to improved relations and greater respect. Gloves with spikes can also predict improvement in other areas of your life, especially in your relationships with your family. This could mean the settling of a disagreement or the learning of something new and exciting about the lives of your loved ones.


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