Having problems with your luggage

Having problems with your luggage Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreams about luggage may symbolize the emotional baggage you carry from your past into your current relationships.

When you have luggage in your dream it signifies all the problems you are carrying around with you. Consider how heavy the luggage is, how much weight are you carrying around? You are putting a lot of demands on yourself, perhaps you need to weigh out what you need in your life and dont. If you lose your luggage in your dream it indicates you have lost your sense of who you are. If you find your lost luggage, pay attention to how it affected you. If you are happy locating your luggage it denotes a new beginning and new personality for you. If you still feel disturbed then you feel misplaced and confused in your life.

Having a lost luggage is a sign of being free from burdens or worries that used to bother you. You will finally be free from long-time problems that hounded you for a long time, making your life more peaceful and happier.

Having stolen luggage in your dream or witnessing luggage being stolen right before your very eyes symbolizes being faced with a sticky situation involving an illegal behavior. You may not necessarily be involved in it, but you could be privy to information about its details. This could put you in a dilemma, where you will weigh whether to do something about it or not. However, you may be facing some constraints, because telling someone else about it may put you in jeopardy.

Unloading luggage from a vehicle, a train or at the airport is a symbol of finding freedom from something that has been burdening you for a long time. It could be your relatives who have been residing with you for sometime, a family dispute or a misunderstanding among your loved ones.

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