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The presence of someone you once had feelings for in the dream world is often considered the manifestation of personal baggage you are holding onto in reality. In a sense, it suggests you are having trouble letting go of something that is holding you back from achieving your full potential. In some cases, this can literally refer to your feelings for someone in reality. However, it can be interpreted more generally to mean any emotions or concerns that prevent you from making the most of your present situation. Until you can make peace with yourself, you will be unable to make progress with your goals and dreams.

Having a dream where you find someone who was lost or had wandered away is often interpreted as a sign that your will interact with someone who you have been thinking or worrying about for some time. In this situation, the person who has been occupying your thoughts is likely someone you were once close to, like a good friend or family member, but who has since moved far away. You may have even lost touch with this person. Finding them within your dream vision predicts you have a chance rekindle the relationship and become close once again. However, if you were not able to find them or only saw them briefly before they slipped away again, your chances of repairing the relationship are low.

May represent someone that you like, admire or idolize in waking life.

Dreaming of a person unfamiliar to you dying is a sign of an impending hardship or serious problem which would befall you at the worst time of your life. But the real blow to the situation could be the fact that this problem would originate from someone or something of which you have absolutely no clue. You would think that you were doing well in your career, project, business or relationship, only to be caught in a web of lies, a series of failures, a betrayal of the most unimaginable kind. This dream vision tells you to brace yourself.

Dreaming of meeting a handy or technically savvy person is a very positive sign, especially if he or she is offering or willing to assist you in some task. This type of dream vision predicts a meeting with or being introduced to someone who could be useful to you, either personally or professionally. This could include being helped with a physical task like moving, receiving emotional or financial support, or making further, valuable connections through networking. Dreaming of a handy person may also symbolize a difficult or tricky situation which you can overcome easily, perhaps with your own hard work and creativity.

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crush person

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