Hearing music Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Hearing music explained:

Dreams about singing or hearing music or a song may be a way of expressing emotions. The lyrics or title may contain a message or advice you need to hear.

If no one is hearing you in your dream it indicates feeling of neglect in your life. Sometimes you feel like a ghost to others as though they do not even know you are speaking to them.

Dreaming about hearing jazz music could translate an ironic or sceptic attitude. It is possible that you know someone who elicits in you a mocking, cynical or sarcastic reaction. You might even express such feelings in regards to that individual. In doing so, you could possibly be hurting their feelings and damaging their self-esteem.

Dreaming about listening to excessively loud music, to the point of becoming tremendously uncomfortable or irritated by it, could symbolize unpleasant news. You might have received or are about to receive some information. It would have negative, unfavorable or upsetting connotations for you. In the utmost extreme case, the news could be related to the death of an acquaintance or close friend.

Dreaming about hearing guitar music could reveal your romantic attitude or mood. You might currently be infatuated or developing passionate feelings towards someone. In this case, the intensity of your appreciation would grow. It could also be about finding a new date. You might start nurturing a romantic affection for this person. These interpretations especially apply if a serenade was been played and heard in this dream.

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