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To dream about Heart explained:

When you dream of your own heart, a lot of people think it represents love but it also represents the heart of a situation. Think of what you are going through now and see if you need to dig deeper to get some more information on what is going on. If your heart is bleeding or hurting in any way, the dream suggests depression and pain from some situation in your life. If you have some heart surgery it implies that you are going to experience drastic changes in your associations with others.

To dream about a big heart, such that when you envision a generous philanthropist who is giving out unconditional support and financial aid to various people and organizations and causing him or her to radiate with kindness, could mean luck and fortune in things you are presently trying to accomplish. Try to sustain this positive vibe to drive and motivate yourself to achieve your goals in real life. Always remember that kindness could go a long way in dealing with people and situations in your everyday life.

Envisioning yourself with an aching heart in a dream, for instance when you are painfully clutching your heart and gasping for breath while your family is looking at you with worried eyes, could pertain to challenges and difficulties in something you are currently working on in reality. This may be due to an error or omission you have made in everything you have built or worked on. All of your hard work may go to waste or come crumbling down unless you are able able to do some damage control and prevent more mistakes from taking place.

To dream of your own heart, like when you see yourself holding and staring at your alive and beating heart in your palm similar to a toy, could indicate acquiring or contracting some type of sickness or illness in reality. Additionally, this dream vision could pertain to lacking or losing your motivation or energy level in going about your tasks in your normal life. You may take a pause and look at the cause of this diminishing drive and see how you could take the energy back and achieve your goals as you would normally do.

To dream of a bleeding heart, for instance when you see an action packed movie in a theater and a bullet wounded the protagonist's chest causing the blood to gush out, could refer to your attitude of being indifferent towards someone or shunning them altogether. Be careful not to alienate those people surrounding you as you would not know when the time comes that you might need their help. Alternatively, it could also pertain to going on some adventure which would turn out to be unpleasant or a waste of your time and energy.

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