Holding a snake in your hands Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Holding a snake in your hands explained:

Snakes are one of the oldest dream symbols that have been interpreted for over thousands of years. Did the snake bit you? Can that mean somebody in your life right now is cunning and dangerous? If not then the snake could be areas of personality that can attack soon. Not all snake dreams are but good. These dreams could represent a change in your life, a rebirth and transformation.

Seeing a snake's eye and being hypnotized by it is a warning against heartless people. Some powerful and merciless individuals are giving you their attention at the moment, and are possibly watching your move. Be more careful and beware of any cunning ploy that may be planned to bring you down.

Dreams showing hands tied with a rope, especially your own, is a sign of coming hardship in your life. Bound hands show a lack of control in a given situation, leading to complications, disorder or confusion. This type of dream could also indicate losing interest in something that once sparked your curiosity or captured your attention, such as a hobby, an activity, or even your faith. Finally, if within the dream you are able to escape your bonds, it means you will be able to rein in an out of control situation before things make a turn for the worse.

A black snake, in the context of a dream vision, suggests there would be hard times ahead. You are likely to encounter some challenging obstacle or difficult period of time that would test your patience, resolve and dedication to whatever goal you are currently working toward. You may have to exert an especially strong effort in order to overcome what stands in your way.

Dreams about itchy, irritated hands predict the coming to a head of some conflict. Hands that need to be scratched at, in a dream, usually mean that some confrontation may soon take place, although whether it is verbal or physical in nature depends on the participants. The person with whom you are having the disagreement likely is short-tempered or easily provoked to begin with. Itchy hands in a dream are also associated with an unexpected accident or injury, though occasionally also have the more positive meaning of suddenly receiving a sum of money, usually from an unexpected or unknown source.

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Holding a snake in your hands

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