Holes in household items

Holes in household items Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest feeling empty, depressed, or hollow inside.

A household antenna is a sign that you are about to receive some useful news from unanticipated places that will turn out to be highly significant resources needed to resolve your current conflicts or help your plans progress.

Wearing a dress that has numerous holes, whether those holes were caused by moths, an accident or normal wear and tear, predicts finding yourself at a disadvantage in the near future. In particular, seeing this sign suggests being duped by someone you cared about and trusted until recently, though it is also possible that a friend is planning to turn on you and treat you poorly.

Seeing clothes with holes or dreaming that you are wearing such clothing in your dream is a negative sign. It is a warning about the people around you and those whom you trust. Some of these people you consider friends might cause you hardships in the near future because they will deceive you. Maybe they will steal from you, destroy your reputation or side with your rival or enemy. Try to be more cautious with those whom you trust.

Seeing holes in your body is a metaphor for the emotional scars you have in wake life. Only you can see the holes in your vision, just as in reality no one knows the suffering you have gone through. In a sense, your dream could be your subconscious looking at the sum of your trials and tribulations in order to either make sense of them or apply their lessons to a current predicament. If you are on the verge of making a big decision, you should consider what you have learned through past experiences.

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