Horns of a goat

Horns of a goat Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Goat dreams symbolize vulnerability and sexuality. Someone is going to deceive you in your conscious life and make you pay for the blame. Otherwise you may need to take steps to achieve some sexual desire.

When combined together, the symbols of the goat and meat have a fairly negative connotation. Dreaming of goats symbolizes your behavior toward others that comes across as rude or in poor taste. The people around you, friends, colleagues, etc., may be a bit put off by your antics. Imagining pieces of meat predicts going through a period of sadness due to rejection or separation from others. By making people feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself alienated from the group unless you make an effort to behave in a more socially acceptable, appropriate manner.

Envisioning the drinking of goat milk, whether fresh or pasteurized, is a dream symbol associated with health and wellness. This dream vision indicates the improvement or disappearance of health troubles and symptoms of illness. However, your ability to heal largely depends on your own efforts and mentality. This could refer to medical issues requiring physical therapy, in which you may have to push yourself to overcome your current limitations, mental or physical diseases, in which a positive mindset could be the extra nudge your body needs to be healthy again.

As a dream symbol, a baby goat often represents your bad behavior catching up with you in one form or another. Your past lapses in moral judgement or dubious ethical standards may become known to and a source of grief for loved ones, particularly family and close friends. Up until this point, they may have thought well of you and wished you much love and happiness, however, their feelings may change once they know your true nature.

In the universe of dreams, seeing a dead goat is an ominous symbol. It predicts possible sickness or disease if you do not take precautionary measures. Your immediate surroundings may be contaminated, so if you do not clean properly, take care of your health or get regular checkups from your doctor, you may be playing with fire. You should make a thorough sweep of areas you frequently inhabit, clean carefully or hire a professional and see your local physician.

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