Injured feet Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Injured feet explained:

May represent your footing or how grounded you feel.

To see you feet in a dream is representative of your base and what supports you and your movements. If you are looking at them and paying close attention to flaws you are pondering on your life and what steps to take. Indian people consider the feet to be the most sacred part of the body and so dreaming of the feet are seen as a sign of one of the Gods gracing upon you or giving you like abilities. If your feet are hurt it means that something important to you is going to be damaged or a fault will be found in it. The washing of feet whether it is your own or someone else is a dream that stands for humility and absolution. Someone may be giving you problems or may have walked over you and you are forgiving them. If you are playing footsie with someone or just tickling their feet it means that a new discovered relationship is going to be very fruitful. You have found a great companion for amazing intimacy and have a similar direction in life.

A dream in which your own feet become a prominent and important detail, even if it is the only part of your dream that you will eventually remember in the morning, is a sign that you are currently the supporting pillar in the life of someone very dear to your heart. For example, this person or people may be your closest relatives or friends. Consider this vision to be a reminder that the mentioned people rely and depend on you regardless of whether you like this fact, so it is recommended to participate in their lives as actively and regularly as possible. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, *You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed*.

Regardless of whether you were just observing your bare feet, caressing them or performing a pedicure, for example, a dream in which this part of your body strikes you as an important and memorable detail foretells an upcoming new chapter in your waking life. This phase would be a passionate and romantic one, possibly marked with either emotional or physical affairs, as well as an outstanding desire to impress and captivate a special person whom you would want to have alongside yourself as a partner in love. It is impossible to tell how long this phase in your life would last, but it goes without a shade of doubt that you would remember its cheerful joys for years to come.

A dream in which you see your own feet look and feel as if they were made of some sort of metal, like iron, steel, silver or even gold, is a symbol of your adamant personality and strong health. Such a vision could speak of an immense amount of energy and stamina that you possess and manage audaciously and wisely. These valuable personal assets could be a strong foundation for decades of prosperity and well-being for yourself, everyone in your household and whomever else you hold dear.

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Injured feet

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