Jail Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Jail explained:

Guilty as charged! Dreaming of being in jail indicates that someone has caught you doing wrong. Otherwise it means that you feel trapped in a situation in your life.

Dreaming about a jail cell in particular could represent the pressure or stress that you are currently experiencing at the hands of those above you, either a boss, superior or elder. In this case, the cell is the manifestation of you feeling trapped in this difficult situation, unable to get out from under that person's or group's thumb. You may feel very limited in your ability to act and be upset at your failure to advocate for yourself.

Dying in a jail cell, whether it is at the hands of others or by your own doing, is in reality a fairly positive image to come across during the course of a dream vision. It predicts that whatever issue is currently blocking your path can now be resolved and moved past either by your own actions or through the intervention provided by others.

Dreaming of a jail for women who have lost their husband at some point are often thought to represent their hope of meeting someone whom she can build a new life with. A widow, upon experiencing this symbol in a dream vision, should consider her happiness and look forward to meeting someone who can be just as special to her as her dearly departed husband was.

A jail, in general, tends to point feeling limited in ability or choices and, in some cases, feeling trapped in a certain place in your life. In many cases the reason the dreamer feels unable to grow or leave is due to their own lack of motivation to improve, suggesting the dreamer has built their own cage to live in. While this interpretation carries a slightly negative connotation, it can also be a good thing as well. For example, it can symbolize a desire to curtail certain inappropriate behavior or show deference to bad choices and decisions made by others.

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