Killing and dismembering babies

Killing and dismembering babies Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

When you dream of a killing it symbolizes your feelings whether it is repressed anger or just wanting to get rid of some of them. If you kill someone it has to do with the anger you feel towards that person or something linked to them that you are trying to get rid of. It could be something they do, a characteristic or they represent someone who you are trying to cut off. You may not even know you feel that way in your waking life but your unconscious is bringing out those feelings. If you are the one being killed in your dream it denotes you are trying to get rid of things about yourself that you do not like. On another note, it could mean that you feel hurt and let down by others. Ultimately they killed your heart.

Cute babies appearing in dreams means bearing good seed to achieve success, happiness and abundance in life.

A dream in which you observe yourself trying to get rid of lice in your hair by exterminating or eradicating these insects must be considered a forewarning. It foretells the change of your good fortune to more dire circumstances which might in turn have a profound effect on your performance. Additionally, this dream could signify that you might be indulging in too many trivial or meaningless affairs.

Envisioning yourself killing bugs in a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign in regards to your intimate relationships. It predicts being able to solve problems and overcome obstacles connected to your performance during sex. These solutions may be in the form of a new sexual partner, finding a ritual or movement which promotes orgasm, or being in a trusting relationship which allows you to fully enjoy the exploration of each other's bodies.

Killing mice has a positive dream meaning. No matter what method you use to kill mice, such as traps or poison or other pest control methods, this spells victory over your enemies. You may find out their weakness and use this fully to your advantage. If you decide to let them go after catching the mice, in a cage or similar contraption for example, then it may be a bittersweet triumph as you may have to resort to dirty tactics or other enemies could take their place once you take down the existing ones.

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