Killing mice Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Killing mice explained:

A dream about mice may represent life’s little annoyances.

If you have dreams of mice represents that you are focusing too much time on the little things in life that are not important. You need to elevate your mind and move forward. If you are afraid of a mouse suggest you don’t think too highly of yourself. If you are feeding a mouse suggest that you are letting the wrong people to take advantage of you.

Seeing or finding dead mice, such as in crawl spaces or after a mice extermination, is usually a bad omen for your finances and way of life. You may experience a financial crisis due to an emergency situation or an economic crisis which could take away your main source of income. Maybe you would be laid off or go bankrupt. Whatever the case may be, you would go through financial hardships, to the point that you may not be able to afford the basic necessities. You would be forced to seek help from the government or ask for favors from your loved ones.

Grey mice, such as those common rodents or house mice variety that infest poorly maintained houses and buildings, tend to be an indication of your poor financial management skills. You could be prone to overspending especially when you are feeling low or stressed out about work and your personal life. Your mind may be telling you to rein in your indiscriminate spending or you could find yourself deep in debts with no way to pay them off. Impulse buying could be the addiction that would drain your hard-earned savings.

When you dream of a killing it symbolizes your feelings whether it is repressed anger or just wanting to get rid of some of them. If you kill someone it has to do with the anger you feel towards that person or something linked to them that you are trying to get rid of. It could be something they do, a characteristic or they represent someone who you are trying to cut off. You may not even know you feel that way in your waking life but your unconscious is bringing out those feelings. If you are the one being killed in your dream it denotes you are trying to get rid of things about yourself that you do not like. On another note, it could mean that you feel hurt and let down by others. Ultimately they killed your heart.

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