Lavishly furnished home

Lavishly furnished home Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent memories.

Dreaming of your home is similar to dreaming of a house. It represents who you are and your shelter. If youve recently moved then it signifies you finally feel comfortable and settled there. If you are lost and do not know your way home it suggests that you have lost a sense of confidence and who you are. Maybe it is time you take a different route to find your way home and begin a new journey? If you dream of a previous home it signifies your past and who you were then. You may be feeling a bit different and confused because some current situation in your waking life is making you recall your past. Use this past to make better decisions this time round.

When you live in a home that has become aged through time, in your dreams, it symbolizes that soon you will resolve issues that you may have had with someone from your past. This could be someone whose existence you had almost forgotten about, although they had once been a critical part of your life. You will find it important to mend whatever it was that set the two of you apart, and rekindle the relationship that you had before. Pay attention to the surroundings of the home itself. If you see that the house if full of old furniture, paintings and decorations, then this action on your part would be more urgent and of a high priority.

Seeing yourself working at home in a dream instead of having a regular job is an ominous sign indicating a period of financial hardships and domestic problems. There is a high likelihood that even the most basic needs at home may not be met. A household which goes through this crisis could end up breaking apart, unless the members decide to stick together through thick and thin and work things out to turn a potentially devastating situation around.

Nobody ever wants to end up in a senior home. These dreams can be quite tricky depending the age you are at. Most people how experience these sort of dreams are past there mid life crisis and are worried about getting old. Though if you are younger and had experienced this dream suggest that you might be overly dependent on others to do work for you. This dream might suggest that you are lazy and not taking life by the cord. You may want to look to see if you possess the same qualities as the environment of the home.

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