Leak Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A leak represents your feelings, whether they are repressed and slowly trickling out or they are rushing out without your control. On the other hand the dream could indicate that some information that you shared has “leaked” out or that you have leaked confidential information.

May symbolize loss, disappointments, frustrations or distress.

Gas perceived in a dream is a symbol often associated with keeping the peace or maintaining stable relations, so envisioning a gas leak, especially to the extent that you smelled it, could be an indication that tensions are at a peak or may soon bubble over into something ugly. The source of your conflict may indeed be your mother-in-law, considering both her name and likeness appeared in your dream. You may have bumped heads with her in the past, and all the past conflict may soon become impossible to ignore. If you aim to keep things calm and peaceful, you may need to make a special effort to keep your cool in the face of rising emotions.

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