Leaves Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Leaves explained:

Dreaming of leaves symbolizes time. If the leaves are green and lush it indicates growth. If it is dead and withered it indicates regression and a downfall in progression.

Fresh basil leaves often represent the presence of someone who seeks to ruin you in wake life. The bright green of the leaves reveals the envy or jealousy of the person who dislikes you. It is possible they covet your position or valuables or that you represent an oppressing force that they need to destroy, even if you have nothing to do with the chip on their shoulder. Because your dream has warned you of this individual's presence, you now have the tools and knowledge to prevent anything terrible from happening.

May represent life and hope.

Dreaming about walking around or just seeing a garden which is shedding leaves, as in the autumn season, is not a very positive symbol, which predicts soon experiencing great disappointments, conflicts or misunderstandings with people who are currently a big and important part of your waking life.

Hearing a sound of rustling tree leaves under your feet while you walk is a warning about a possible loss or shortages you are about to experience.

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