Left Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Left explained:

May symbolize repressed thoughts and emotions.

Being left behind in your dream signifies your emotions about being neglected. You may feel that you are not good enough but if you truly are not good enough then find something where you could utilize your abilities better. If you let go of something or someone then it represents your move forward and letting go of the past.

Dreams about seeing or observing the left hand, especially your own, are an ill omen of coming betrayal. The types of betrayals indicated by visions of the left hand usually are related to a lover, partner or spouse, the most common form being cheating. The result of this deceptive tryst might cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heart-break.

Dreaming of a lone baby can be indicative of a current feeling of loneliness. It can symbolize that you may feel left out or unwanted while in the company of others. It can also mean that you feel a sense of isolation through separating yourself purposefully, even if you enjoy the independence it gives you.

Leaving a letter unread, whether you purposely set it aside or simply forgot about it, may mean you are ignoring or avoiding someone or something in reality. Your current actions, either staying out of this individual's way or refusing to do this task, could actually be detrimental to you. If you were to face your fears straight on and do what you are supposed to do, something good could come out of it. For example, you may make a useful acquaintance, learn a new skill or receive an amazing opportunity.

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